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Reading: Timeless Kitchen Design: Color Themes, Textures and Shapes

Timeless Kitchen Design: Color Themes, Textures and Shapes

In celebration of the kitchen, which has evolved into the central space of the home, Caesarstone credits this important room with creating bonds and memories through its quiet, intimate moments as well as its boisterous family celebrations. Our new book, Kitchen Trends, explores the kitchen’s place in a historical and modern context, as it describes the rich details of kitchen design by narrating four stories and weaving them together seamlessly.

In Kitchen Trends, modern life is reflected in the tales of the many faces of the kitchen—a place where culture and design concepts intersect. Each of the four stories features Caesarstone surfaces in concert with textiles, woods, metals and other trending designs and materials.

Are You Timeless Classic?

Alongside the stories of Wild Living, Urban Industrial and Calm Luxe, is Timeless Classic. Designers seek to blend past and future in a style whose blurred boundaries are indicative of the times in which we live, a time of constant progress. This story describes our homes as characterized by the blending of nostalgia with advancement, two magnetic pulls at whose center we find this tale of harmony.

Reaching for a Peaceful Equilibrium

The modern conveniences to which we have become accustomed have come at a price, and today’s homeowners recognize this truth. Enjoying the comforts of today yet yearning for the simplicity of the past requires reaching for a peaceful equilibrium. This fusion of classicism and modernism speaks to that desire. The geometric shapes and classic looks of veined marble and colonnades honor the rich history of architecture. Giving reverence to the past, Timeless Classic kitchen designs are planted firmly in the ‘today’ and looking to the future, and the synthesis is quietly beautiful and seamless. 

Kitchen Trends: Color Themes, Textures and Shapes

Textures and shapes tell this story, with the neutral color themes of deep greens and subdued pinks adding the finishing touches to the union of old and new, for a careful balance of opposing energies. Our sense of touch matters, as reflected in the use of leather and other tactile fabrics. Speaking to a deep respect for our past while integrating history with the present, this intellectual approach to creative thinking sees a fresh, timeless aesthetic arise, achieved by thoughtful and refined designs that renew Modernism.

Caesarstone’s Timeless Classics

Caesarstone has a collection for every chapter in your life. For those nostalgic for architecture’s rich ancestry while appreciating all that modern life offers, Tuscan Dawn or Calacatta Nuvo offer the classic feel of ancient structures, and our Piatra Gray deepens the aesthetic of a room, with a darker, yet still simple, classic surface. Reach for a visually appealing and textured surface in our leather, fabric, or wood veneer exteriors. Integrated with cool neutrals and understated pinks, the marriage of classicism and modernism are accomplished.

Caesarstone’s story is one of innovation. We’ve created a book into which readers can dive and discover what their kitchen’s story will be. Kitchen Trends reflects the authentic concepts of blissful living that dwell in the soul of the company. To learn more about Caesarstone and Kitchen Trends, visit the website today.

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