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The Kitchen in Kibbutz Hulda


Designer:  Hila Gidoni | Photographer: Maya Avgar

With the help of three different Caesarstone surfaces, interior designers Tzion and Hila Gidoni were able to breathe new life into three distinct kitchens, giving each space its very own aesthetic style.

Interior designers and married couple Hila and Tzion Gidoni recently completed the design of three distinct private residential houses. Located in Israel’s countryside regions, the houses are very different from one another in structure, style and ambiance. Zion and Hila worked closely with each family to overcome specific challenges and bring out the best in each individual space. The result were three amazing houses with three spectacular kitchens. Let’s take a closer look.

The Kitchen in Kibbutz Hulda

After deciding to leave Tel Aviv for the countryside, a young family settled into a 10-year-old house in Kibbutz Hulda. The family decided to renovate the entire property, enlisting Hila and Tzion Gidoni for the mission at hand. The family requested an aesthetic that would create a lively, youthful atmosphere, with a wide colour palette.

The kitchen, which was originally long and narrow, was transformed into a wider space in order to accommodate the family’s love for cooking and hosting. The new kitchen creates a seamless correlation with the house’s garden, allowing for an abundance of light to flow in from the outdoors. The kitchen’s cabinetry wall was painted a smoky sage-like shade of green that is especially dear to the family’s heart, and also corresponds with the house’s natural surroundings. Additional shelves and cabinets were created from natural oak wood, which infuse the space with ample warmth. The “dirty” grey flooring added yet another unique touch.

4011_Cloudburst Concret

4011 Cloudburst Concrete


Soft swells of pure white that veil a clear, creamy base, for an infinitely beautiful surface that echoes the uneven aspects of fresh cement deepened by a textured finish.

Your project, on center stage.

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The kitchen’s centrepiece is a 3.5-meter-long island, which has copious storage space and even a wine cooler. The island and countertops called for a neutral surface that would bring out the kitchen’s lively colours. Caesarstone’s 4011 Cloudburst Concrete proved to be a perfect choice, due to its creamy base and soft white swells. Cloudburst Concrete’s textured finish corresponds beautifully with the rough grey flooring.

The kitchens depicted in this article each have a distinct personality, based on the families who use them, the house they’re in, their overall surroundings and the unique ways in which the designers choose to realize their potential. In this respect, Caesarstone quartz and porcelain surfaces play a key role in bringing kitchen design to life.

“Depending on the project, kitchen worktop surfaces can either be the centre of attention, or create a subtle a balance between design elements. Caesarstone’s colour variety allows designers such as myself to pick out just the right surface for every kitchen. There’s always a perfect solution.”

Hila Gidoni, Owner, Hila – Design Your Living

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