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511 Smokestone 

  • Collection Ultra Surnaturel, Ultra Surnaturel
  • Finis Ultra Rugueux
  • Tailles Jumbo = 124,5” x 61,5”
  • Matériaux Porcelaine

Base noir minuit parsemée de lignes blanches crayeuses qui frappent comme l’éclair, entrelacées de veines plus fines qui se déplacent sur sa base noire émotive, recouverte des impuretés terreuses des textures cristallines qui évoluent avec le temps dans le marbre naturel, en finition tactile ultra rugueuse.

Garantie à vie

Notre banque d’outils : les piliers de la liberté de création

Caesarstone Porcelain - 511 Smokestone Kitchen
Caesarstone Porcelain - 511 Smokestone Kitchen

Professionals are raving about our countertops

I actually work material that I really didn’t think it would be as good as it was until I started cutting it. As I was cutting it (Porcelain), the entire slab, I actually came to the conclusion that this material is one of the best ones out there.
Joey Lupino, Fabricator, Brooklyn Stone & Tile
I was blown away at the speed of cutting, that's one of the big drawbacks of Porcelain, it may slowdown your shop. I did not feel that way!
Bryan Wagner, Fabricator, Alps Technologies
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