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4043 Primordia

  • Finis Rugueux
  • Matériaux Quartz

Le fond d’un gris béton pâle est rehaussé de riches éclaboussures blanc cassé, d’un voile gris, de touches de brun et de subtiles traces d’oxydation jaunes et vertes. Le résultat : un look industriel assumé.

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Caesarstone 4043 Primordia Kitchen - Leah Ashley Finn Project
Designer: Leah Ashley Finn, Photography: Madeline Harper

Finn Family Farm kitchen

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I knew right away that I wanted to use a quartz material. Caesarstone provides a wonderful quartz countertop that is both durable and beautiful. We decided to go with Primordia which looks and feels like aged concrete. There is just enough movement in the tops to make them look like they’ve been around for years. They are utilitarian but also beautiful and interesting. They are warm with hints of brown running through the tops like rust from years of use. I’m obsessed.
Leah Ashley, Founder & Interior Designer,
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